Retrac Productions Ltd
Plant List


Design and CNC Programming
Running a mix of Delcam and Catia CAD CAM systems.
Data Transfer via Broadband.

CNC and General Machining
Butler 5 Axis CNC Mill, machining envelope 4.2m x 2m x 1m.
Butler 3 Axis CNC Mill, machining envelope 4.2m x 2m x 1m.
2 Dekel Maho 70 eVolution 5 Axis machining centre
1 Hardinge XR 5 Axis Vertical machining centres.
1 Bridgeport VMC 2000 high speed machining centre.
1 Hardinge XR 1000 Vertical machining centre.
3 Bridgeport VMC 800 high speed machining centres,
1 Bridgeport VMC 600 high speed machining centre.
2 Huron CNC milling machines.
2 Bridgeport Interact 4 CNC milling machines,
3 Swift 2 Axis CNC Mill.

Mazak SQT250 MX1000 with Bar Feeder.
Harrison VHS 450 CNC lathe.
Hardinge Talent 8/52 CNC Slant Bed Lathe.

1 x Robofil 330F 4 Axis Wire Eroder
1 x Robofil 440F 4 Axis Wire Eroder

Sip No. 8 Hydroptic Jig Borer, 5ft x 3ft x 3ft working envelope.

Plus a range Traditional toolroom machinery, jig boring, milling,turning and grinding.

Pattern and Model Making
A modern 7000 sq ft facility with a range of patternshop machines.

See CNC Machining for capacity list.

Quality and Inspection
Steifelmayer 6m x 3m x 2.5m with 2 arms.
Both machines fitted with surface software measuring systems and
networked into the CAD office.